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Gauge block is rectangular cross section, between a pair of parallel measurement on the accurate size of the measuring apparatus. Use the intermational advanced instrument to measure the accuracy of gauge. 


 Simple shape, size stability, good wear resistance and easy to use. Besides each used independently as a specific value, also can be assembled to use as various different sizes.


 Stainless steel, tungsten carbide steel, ceramic and- etc. 


Gauge Block, Slip Gauge, Slide Gauge, Gage Block Set, Rectangular Gauge Block, Angle Block Gauge, Calibration Block Gauge, Inspection Block Gauge.


Installation tools and cutting tools2
Production Counter
1 or 2
Calibration instrument

Inspection of mechanical parts,tools and etc1 or 2
Check accuracy of measurement instrument
0 or 1
Calibration instrument

Check accuracy of block gauge in workshop

k or 0
Inspect block gauge
Check the instrument accuracy

Calibration block gauge
Academic research
  • Level 2:

  • This kind of block gauge used in the workshop, used to adjust or check fixture or calibrate precision instruments.

  • Level 1:

  • This kind of block gauge used in the inspection area, used to validate or adjust the precision measurement instruments quickly.

  • Level 0:

  • This kind of high precision block gauge used by senior inspector in a controlled environment, mainly as the adjustment of high precision measuring equipment and calibration the benchmark of lower level gauge block.

  • Level k:

  • This kind of gauge block used in temperature controlled Checkout room or calibration laboratory, mainly used as calibration gauges, to calibrate other block gauge by comparing.



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