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Definition: Gauge block is rectangular cross section, between a pair of parallel measurement on the accurate size of the measuring apparatus. Use the intermational advanced instrument to measure the accuracy of gauge. Features: Simple shape, size stability, good wear resistance and easy to use. Besides each used independently as a specific value, also can be assembled to use as various different sizes. Material: Stainless steel, tungsten carbide steel, ceramic and- etc. Name:...

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  • 042020-12How to use block gauge
    How to use gauge block(1) According to the required measurement size, select the least number of gauge blocks from the gauge ...
  • 042020-12What is the allowable error of each leve
    It should be no less than 5.5mm, and the two measuring sides of each gauge block, single-sided or double-sided, should meet t...
  • 042020-12block gauges
    Block gauges refer to tools for inspecting the length of tools or workpieces. They are rectangular metal blocks with extremel...
  • 042020-12Block gauge structure
    The gauge structure is simple, usually some entities with accurate size and shape, such as cones, cylinders, block plates, ru...




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