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How to use block gauge

How to use gauge block

(1) According to the required measurement size, select the least number of gauge blocks from the gauge block box. (2) The number of gauge blocks pieced together for each size should not exceed 4~5 blocks, because the gauge block itself also has a certain degree of error. The more blocks there are, the larger the error will be accumulated. (3) The work site should be clean, and there should be no corrosive gas, dust and moisture in the air. The workbench should be lined with a clean cloth. Wash the selected gauge blocks with absolute alcohol in order to remove the anti-rust grease or possible sticky impurities on the gauge blocks.

(4) When using the gauge block, it should be lapped and combined. The gauge block should be reversed along the length of its measuring surface, and the end edge part of the measuring surface should be contacted first to make the initial adhesion force, and then any gauge block along the other The measuring surface of a gauge block slides forward in a parallel direction, and finally the two measuring surfaces are all grounded together.

(5) Under normal circumstances, in the process of researching and combining, the fingers can feel the researching force, and the two measuring blocks can be attached together without force. If the research team is not strong enough, you can add a little effort to make it research and team. Proper force should be used when pushing and closing, and strong force should not be used, especially when using small-sized gauge blocks to avoid twisting and deforming the gauge blocks.

(6) If the grindability of the gauge block is not good, so that it is difficult to grind, you can put a little gasoline on the measuring surface of any gauge block to make a layer of oil film on the measuring surface of the gauge block to strengthen its adhesion. But do not wipe the measuring surface of the gauge block with sweaty hands. The gauge block should be cleaned with kerosene immediately after use.

(7) The order of measuring blocks is: firstly, small-size gauge blocks are combined, and then the well-developed gauge blocks are combined with medium

The size gauge block is researched and combined, and finally the large size gauge block is researched and combined.



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