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block gauges

Block gauges refer to tools for inspecting the length of tools or workpieces. They are rectangular metal blocks with extremely precise thickness.

Bolcks Gauge, as the name implies, is a gauge with a certain shape but different sizes. In 1890, Mr. H. Ellstrom, the foreman of mechanics at the Swedish Arsenal, first produced a steel block gauge with two parallel sides. Since the number of these block gauges was very small at that time, they could only measure a small part of the size, and could not meet the needs of various workpiece size measurements. In 1898, Mr. Johansson, who worked in the same department as Elstron, felt the importance of the size of block gauges, and produced a series of block gauges of different sizes (102 metric block gauge groups). Meet the needs of different measurement sizes. Only this manual method of making block gauges required superb technology and high cost, so it was not widely used at that time. It was not until later that Mr. William E. Hoke from the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) changed the manual method of manufacturing block gauges to mechanical processing. The block gauges were mass-produced and received wide attention from the industry. application. The block gauge is the standard gauge of the end point in the factory. When combining different sizes, the method of pushing and sliding the stack is often used, also called the slip gauge (Slip Gauge). Block gauges have been used in measurement for nearly a hundred years. The materials for their production have been developed from steel and tungsten carbide to ceramics. There are also various metric and inch block gauges with different combinations of blocks, and the shape is also from rectangular to square with holes. In addition, block gauges can also evolve into some new measuring instruments such as precision height gauges, grade (level) gauges and so on.



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